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1DL2, CVPD™, Coincycle™, Two-Stroke Engine
"Hamby Cycle"


Daheco is assembling a demonstrator engine based on its core technologies. The engine will be powered by HPA. Using high pressure air, the cylinder pressure will be controlled to mimic any fuel or combustion scenario. This 984cc Two-cylinder Horizontally Opposed engine will convert each bar of cylinder pressure into more than 7 lb•ft of mean effective torque.

As an SI / CI combustion engine the Coincycle technology precisely delivers up to 3500cc of air to the combustion cylinders.

Operating on Steam this engine will extract power from both the steam's pressure and heat to achieve greater than 54% overall efficiency.

Our modular designs allow for a variety of custom assemblies, taking a designer approach to supplying the industry's need.

Unbelievable? Stay tuned to this website and witness the unimaginable become real.



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DEC Solar Division Launched

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