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Coincycle™ Technology


Daheco has designed a means to coincide all cycles into one complete revolution of the crankshaft which we have coined as COINCYCLE (co-in-cycle) technology.  This design provides for the forced evacuation of the exhaust gases and pressure charging the cylinder.  The piston and valve train components work together adding a new cycle while combining some of the original cycles into a single stroke. The compression and intake functions are combined as are the power and pre-compression functions. This new pre-compression cycle provides the energy, as compressed air, to force the spent gases out while pressurizing the cylinder. These coincycle™ operations allow the cylinder to be overcharged, providing the same advantages of conventional superchargers and turbochargers without adding those mechanical systems and their related issues. Coincycle™ functionality allows the pistons to fire on every rotation, creating a two stroke engine with greater efficiency than four stroke designs. The reduced internal friction and weight reduction represents an estimated 30% improvement in overall efficiency.

The ability to overcharge the cylinder can increase power output by as much as 100%. Increasing power output allows for smaller, lighter engines, which further increases efficiencies.



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